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In 1988, Pastor B.I., Jancy Samuel received the call from God to move their young family from the safety of their Christian community in Southern India to the state of Gujarat in the north. With no knowledge of the culture or language, and with just ten dollars in their pockets, they uprooted their lives and took a huge step of faith as they chose to obey Christ and go.

The first years were very difficult – but the Lord provided. For the past 28 years, Bless Asia has grown and exceeded all expectation. The Samuels began simply by taking prayer walks and prayer drives on their motor scooter, handing out tracts, and singing a few simple songs that they had learned in the local language.

Their faithfulness in the small things grew to bear immense fruit, and over the years, over 50 churches have been planted, hundreds of students have been trained in the ministry’s Bible school and sent out as pastors across Northern India, a large network of prayer houses has been established, many women have been empowered to be apostles in their communities, and dozens of children have found safe haven in two different children’s homes. Meanwhile, the gospel continues to be preached and innumerable disciples continue to be raised up as a result of each of these facets of ministry.


B.I. Samuel

Founder & President

Jancy Samuel

Co-Founder & Director of Awake Deborah Initiative  

Dr. Thomas Mathew

Director of UPG
General Secretary

Simon K. Simon

Director of Operations

Vinita Simon

Medical Missions

Vaniah Samuel

Communications Manager

Vini Samuel

Director of Partnerships
& Relations

Vivek Samuel

Executive Director

Shonte & Kevin Foster

Regional Field Director

Stephen Mathew

Regional Field Director
(Georgia & Tennessee)

Noah Benjamin

Creative Media 



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